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The VoIP marketplace web site is designed for direct and wholesale VoIP providers to find interconnection partners. It is a VoIP forum, moderated and sponsored by StarTrinity.com VoIP software development company.
If you would like to offer your VoIP routes, or of you have live traffic and you need to find VoIP routes, please sign up. We respect your privacy and we don't publish your contact information unless you choose to publish it explicitly.

The VoIP market deals with following issues

  • SIM blocking (barring) based on trace/spam/junk/robot/test calls: here you can find clients who send clean[er] VoIP traffic to your SIM cards
  • Various types of scam
    • Payment scam: client does not pay for postpaid contract or he delays the payment for a very long time
    • Capacity overselling scam: GSM gateway owners as well as wholesalers oversell their capacity and real capacity is unknown
    • Direct provider scam: VoIP wholesalers tell that they own direct VoIP NCLI route, but in fact they only resell VoIP traffic
    • Retail traffic scam: client tells that he is going to send retail traffic (meaning less test calls), but in fact he mixes regular wholesale traffic
    • Dialer traffic scam: client sends "dialer" / "call center" / "missed call" traffic while it is not expected from him. VoIP route provider sees low ACD, low ASR, many cancelled calls on his side
    • False answer supervision (FAS) scam: provider sends calls to IVR, calls are billed and ended with short ACD. Note that another reason for the FAS is passing call to blocked SIM card
    • CLI scam: the VoIP provider declares caller ID (CLI) delivery but in fact part of calls go to NCLI route (also known as blending)
  • Bad VoIP quality: limited internet bandwidth between sofswitch and GSM gateway; unstable internet connection; unstable electricity

The VoIP marketplace includes

  • Public comments about the above issues
    • Comments and verification status from our moderators. We report scam incidents, VoIP quality issues, also we confirm or not confirm offered/demanded routes
    • Comments from other VoIP traders
  • List of VoIP route providers: CLI and NCLI routes. Every provider and route has a moderated status "verified/trusted"
    • Direct VoIP route providers (GSM gateway owners)
    • Wholesale VoIP providers
  • Offered VoIP routes (routes to sell to you): the providers declare list of routes they provide with optional prices and CDR statistics (ASR, ACD)
  • Demanded VoIP routes (routes to buy from you): wholesale carriers and VoIP retail clients declare list of routes they need with optional target prices and CDR statistics (live traffic daily minutes)
  • Anonymous web chat
  • StarTrinity VoIP routes testing software: StarTrinity SIP Tester , StarTrinity VoIP Status
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